Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Greatest lessons in simple moments

As I was talking to my father on the phone many millions of people were awaiting to see the look of the new pope. Their eyes were fixed on the window waiting to be opened to see who would sit on the chair of people of flock the church. Because I am more aware of the world at a the age of 26, and a franciscan student at Franciscan my heart became excited for the possiblity of the Catholic Church electing a new pope.

After much anticipation a man with glasses came out in the white, onto the balcony for the world to see. For a moments he just stood there and stared and what lay before him. Perhaps all struggles of the world was going through him mind or what he was going to have for breakfast the next day. Even though may not know what was in his mind, from the start we can see him to have a humble spirit. During his speech, before blessing his flock he has used to bless him. When someone asks that to individuals they are full of humility. He knows that to serve anyone one must a humble heart to serve individuals.

Even though Pope Francis could have said many beautiful lengthy prayers He just stood there and asked for his blessing. Even in the simple moments in life we learn many great lessons. We learn in the scripture the Lord says "Let the Children come". He lets them sit on his lap with know they dont have any sort of degrees, but the simplicity of their childhood.

From what I gather,  our new pope desires to take care of his flock, as Christ takes care of all of us. In a simple humbling gesture let us continue to draw forth from a simple gesture; of humility!!