Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Proof we love

Sin hurts the one we love.Our Lord becomes sadddened when we turn our hearts away from him. We also may feel quilt and disconnected from Christ and others. These proves we are in love with Christ, and desire to serve him. If we did not feel anything afterwards we have no connection with our Lord. These feelings are like being caught up in a fight with a friend. After the fight we feel immediately guitly because we know we hurt a loved one. This guilt with not remain in our hearts because Christ remains. Christ will take away our guilt because he is Love. Love can take away all guilt. We are his prodigal Children in whom he is well pleased!!!

In the moment

Every momnet is precious in the eyes of the Lord. However, we  become caught up in our emotions and do not believe the Lord is present. This occurs when we dive into sinful ways. At the moment of a snort, drink or escaping through a website that is all we are focused. That moment nothing else matters. Following that moment we beat ourselves up because we felt lonely in the moment. there is one problem with the statement. We are never alone. We are just afraid the Lord to see what we feel. We believe our emotions will not be cared for and seen by Christ in a positive way. However, this is unture the Lord will see all emotions and turn them into joy. He will hold our hearts, and love us with whatever we will. He knows our emotions and will care for them as any father would. He is our great heavenly father who created us out of his hands. Whenever you feel scared or worried about emotions remember the Lord knows what you are feeling and thus there is no need to feel afraid of what he will say. He knows our emotions and would never look down on what we feel!! We are all beautiful in the Eyes of the Lord. Let us never be afraid to tell him our sadness and concerns for our heavely knows!! He will always tell us WE are beautifully and wonderfully made!!!!

Lean on scripture

SCripture is inspired by the Lord. It is the truth which gives us hope and words to live by. Sometimes we fall short of these words. We fall short because our  culture does not want to follow the truth. They want us to believe in distorted love and killing babies is ok. These are not the choices of the heavenly father. Our heavenly father wants us to live as treat everything he created with pure love. To conquer distorted love we must turn to the song of songs. The songs of songs is a book in the bible which shows the erotic love of the beauty of love as it was meant to be. We must focus on this book to see love as it was meant to be. However, to conquer other struggle we may ask where we should turn in the bible for answers. Turn to the Holy Spirit and he will guide you to the specific scripture he intends for your heart. Sometimes he will talk to you and give you peace from struggles with these scriptures. These scriptures will lead all to the truth. The truth may hurt but whenever there is a cruxifiction there will be a resurrection. The resurrection will come indeeded. We must stick to the truth for the truth will set our country free.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Being defined

For many of years people have been defined by what they look like and not who they were as people. Many times a person dresses, and acts a certain way because of their circumstances. These thoughts came to mind while watching a documentary discussing the novel To Kill a Mockingbird. In this Novel Atticus Finch is asked to defend an African American who is believed to have committed a crime. Throughout the trail it is realized Tom Robinson is not guilty however, due to the times he is found guilty and sent to prison.
Besides the trial being an important aspect of the novel Finches young daughter Scout. She loves to dress in pants and play outside. Many tried, including her father to become more of a lady. However, despite their efforts she continued to fight at school and wear overalls while playing outside. Many of these things occurred because of the lack of a mother figure growing up. When a person is young they pick up traits from their parents. Because she was raised predominately by her father she dressed more masculine.
Face value culture would treat her as something to be desired. However, I see her as a broken child. Because of the lack of a mother figure she was trying to find out who she was. She wanted to someone to love and guide her. Fitch was helpful to this aspect. He was smart, intelligence and new right from wrong. Every time Scout fought she would go in his arms to learn a lesson about justice and standing up for the truth. By doing this she was being formed. She was formed through the trial, and school.
If you look deeper at the life of Scout you see a girl who is trying to find herself rather than a girl who is not dressed appropriately. She is beautiful because she is looking, questioning and wanted to grow!