Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lean on scripture

SCripture is inspired by the Lord. It is the truth which gives us hope and words to live by. Sometimes we fall short of these words. We fall short because our  culture does not want to follow the truth. They want us to believe in distorted love and killing babies is ok. These are not the choices of the heavenly father. Our heavenly father wants us to live as treat everything he created with pure love. To conquer distorted love we must turn to the song of songs. The songs of songs is a book in the bible which shows the erotic love of the beauty of love as it was meant to be. We must focus on this book to see love as it was meant to be. However, to conquer other struggle we may ask where we should turn in the bible for answers. Turn to the Holy Spirit and he will guide you to the specific scripture he intends for your heart. Sometimes he will talk to you and give you peace from struggles with these scriptures. These scriptures will lead all to the truth. The truth may hurt but whenever there is a cruxifiction there will be a resurrection. The resurrection will come indeeded. We must stick to the truth for the truth will set our country free.

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  1. Yes sista! Preach it! God created all with pure love, but we treat nothing and nobody with the respect and honor that we should by virtue of being created by God!