Thursday, December 22, 2011


The Lord provides graces to all of his Sons and Daughters. Everyday the Lord provides graces to use through friends, family, a possibly words on a page. Sometimes because of our sinfulness we do not believe we deserve graces from the Lord. Honestly we dont deserve graces but he gives them to us because He created us. Everything he created is beautiful and grace filled. Feeling grace filled is amazing how we always have to thank God for the graces he has given to us. If we recieve an encouraging word from a friend THANK GOD. Thank God should happen everday.

Our hearts were filled with graces
Filled with graces of his love and life
We accepted and went to the tell the world
to tell the world of is love and life

The world did not listen
they turned away with fear and anger
The little baby in the manger cried
He cried for those who did not believe

A woman cried for him alone
He replied with love and life
The Life and life contines to remain
To remain the heart of the woman
The woman remains in the Lord
For the Lord remains in her!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Christ likes to be in the silence, and come in the silence. This silence is attainable with Christ telling the storms to quell within. He will qwell the storm if it is the will to do so. His will may feel a lonely place; a desert place. However if you and the Lord are the people in the desert; i.e. a beautiful place. As it is said in the bible, "So, I will allure her; I will lead her into the desert and speak to her heart". The child Jesus may have been quiet in the crib. In silence beautiful actions occur.

In silence the Lord hugs our hearts, knowing our lonliness,and Loves us as we are. To know this is his desire for us; to hold us. That is all we need. Our desires may stray from Christ if they are not attached to him. Some desire of our hearts may be books, television shows or relationships that are not Christ centered. The books can be Christ centered but sometimes he chooses to speak to us particularly in silence.

In Silence we will be
In silence in our love
We are to be with love
Love alone is ours
To find this love alone
There is one method
A method of Love
A method of struggle
A method not of this world
This method is silence
This method is love!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Feeling calm in the Lord is a beautiful feeling. Sometimes this a difficult feeling to find. Many times when we are going through struggle we want answers. We, then, turn to the world for answers. These answers many help for but a moment. The moment will leave the heart and again will you look for an answer. By continuing to search for answers your heart beecomes raw, really loud, and peaceless. Nothing you hear calms the heart except for one day when you are called the sit in front of the Blessed Sacrament. The Blessed Sacrament is quiet and peaceful. At first you become scared because inwardly is loud and boistrous. You think nothing can get through everything within your heart. However, all your thoughts are wrong with Christ. Christ can get through any emotion to the heart. He enters the heart and silences the heart. This silence is no other. It is beautiful and yet unlike no other. Feeling silence is different because sitting in quiet does not give someone instant gratification. The Lord chooses to be quiet in Adoration to silence the heart, the body, and to be. The World does not help the person to be. If we enter into adoration in silence when we enter the world our world will become silence when based in the Eucharist. The Eucharist will silence any heart, love any heart, and will bring love and calmness. Adoration is truly the Life which we must lead. We are Eucharistic people. We must be the people of Jesus.

Monday, December 5, 2011

The cross

We all have crosses in our life. When we understand our cross we want to run. To us the cross does not feel like something we can conquer, thus falling occurs. Because we continue to fall sometimes our faith begins to decrease. This does not help our life. With everything we feel we need faith. Many of our crosses include; having an illness, being bullied all the time, or having same sex attraction. Anything of these crosses may deplitate us and slowly get us to believe the Lord does not love us because we have a struggle. On the contrary, when we have a cross we are close to Christ. Christ's cross was not easy. He fell three times on Calvary. However, at the end after he bowed his head and died there was a ressurection. Any cross will lead to the ressurection. We just have to be obedient to the cross. Many church teachings are difficult for the world. However, we must be of Christ and not of the world. The world does not know Christ. If the cross you are given is difficult the Lord will help carry it with you. Know any struggle is not outside of Gods Love and Grace. This is not easy for me. However, if I fall due to my cross and be disobedient to the church, I run to him through the sacrament of confession, and trust he gives me a new clean heart to pursue the truth!! I am continuing to grow in the Love of Jesus with my Cross. I will be honest with my cross, and accept Christ deep love with an open heart whever that may lead. Let us embrace our cross to be connected with Christ!!

Friday, December 2, 2011


Living the truth is never easy. The world does not make living Christian easy. Many times we encounter reality televsion shows, groups on campus, peers who are living lives that are not in accordance with the church. Jesus is truth. He is love. He is everything we are called to be. We strive to live the truth, and love. These are hard to live together. However when we pray to the Lord and ask for grace to do this he will respond with an open heart and love. We must treat people who struggle with same sex attraction with LOVE, people who have an abortion with LOVE, and ALL with LOVE!! Love is the language of Christ. The way we should is without distorted love. Distored Love is not Christ. We must intend to love one another as Christ loved us. I love my brother and sisters but do not always approve of their behaviors. We are all sinners and repentance is the best way we can show love to Christ. Asking him to forgive us! Lets strive for love with protecting babies, marriage and the Eucharist!!