Thursday, December 22, 2011


The Lord provides graces to all of his Sons and Daughters. Everyday the Lord provides graces to use through friends, family, a possibly words on a page. Sometimes because of our sinfulness we do not believe we deserve graces from the Lord. Honestly we dont deserve graces but he gives them to us because He created us. Everything he created is beautiful and grace filled. Feeling grace filled is amazing how we always have to thank God for the graces he has given to us. If we recieve an encouraging word from a friend THANK GOD. Thank God should happen everday.

Our hearts were filled with graces
Filled with graces of his love and life
We accepted and went to the tell the world
to tell the world of is love and life

The world did not listen
they turned away with fear and anger
The little baby in the manger cried
He cried for those who did not believe

A woman cried for him alone
He replied with love and life
The Life and life contines to remain
To remain the heart of the woman
The woman remains in the Lord
For the Lord remains in her!!

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  1. So important to thank God, you're right! And the poem is beautiful!!