Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Live with Christ

Let us Live with Christ

This is a poem compiled while listening to Christ

You are leading me to your great Glory
It wont be under big lights
It will be under your arms

In my heart
Around my world
You will serve me and will love me

This is my will
This is my plan
Your are my desire
I desire you

You will serve me
You are my daughter

You will I love
You will I protect
You will I nurture

The world is tearing you apart
It is not your heart
You must run from the world
Run to me and live the truth
For the truth will live on in you

The truth is love
The truth is life
The truth is a way to peace

Nothing will be greater
Nothing will be deeper
Nothing more beautiful

I and you
You and me
Together will we remain forever

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