Friday, January 6, 2012

Answering our prayers

Many times a day we ask Christ do help us on a particular manner. Then after a while of relates to wating we believe the Lord has not answered our prayers. However our lack of understanding correlates to how many did not understand Christ when he spoke about Easter . When he was telling others he will destroy the temple and in three days he was going to raise it up he was speaking about the ressurection.Like the ressurection we misinterpet Gods will. We are looking for our will and not looking for deeper answers. We may be asking him if we are called to a particular order or mission. In our questions we ask where we are called. Because we feel he is giving us signs for a particular place we focus on that place. However, he may be giving us signs for a different purpose; a purpose to grow closer to HIM. For example, everything many watch Leah Darrow, or listen to beautiful missionaries you are not necessarily called to mission but you are called to be what they preach; ie Daughters/Sons of Christ or to serve the Lord in truth and love. So, the next time you ask the Lord a question be ready to look for an answer on a deep level!!

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