Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Listen to Christ

While I was reading a book called Abandonment to Divne Providence I came across this sentence which struck my heart. The sentence states, "We want to know what he said to others and do not listen when he speaks to ourselves". This is my reflection

We are unique. I am unique. Our struggles make us unique. I keep trying to be like others. Trying to fit in where others have fallen in. God has created as space for me. A place no one has created because God, in his perfect plan has already created a space for me. A place for me to do his will. No one can repeat as I cant repeat others. I am unique.

God created me to help accomplish his will on Earth. I have to follow when he speaks to me. It may be through a person or a book, or directly from me to him.It may be for me to enter a religious community where we can lift each other in prayer.  His will is for me to listen and follow him by doing the best I can to not become caught up in the world of death.

There are like mindede people in this world. We are all striving to follow his will, and to tune out what is not of God. The voices of death tell us we are alone, we are no good, or God does not exist. But the voice of life tells us we are united to him, making us uinted to each other.

We have one purpose. That purpose is to strive to do Good, fight what is evil and pray for one another.

Let us reach out to christ before all else there is on this Earth. We must listen above all else. Pray, listen and say connected to Christ. You are not alone.

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