Monday, February 13, 2012

A touch of the Father's love

The Lord has touched by soul. He refreshed me soul. The touch he gives my heart brings tears to me eyes. Who am I that he would come to my heart? I am his Daughter. Im am his beloved Daughter. This title comes to me because he ordained this to be so. Whatever I have done he gives me his love. I never expect it to happen but he brings his love to me. This weekend he brought his love directly to me through adoration, and through a priest. Unexpecting God is beautiful. Being touched by God happened in the wee morning hours. I was socializing with some of the girls on retreat and father came up being me and placed his arms around me. It felt playful at that moment then he answered my question about vocation saying "we are all called to love". Then Father left the room. After he left I looked for a moment and knew Christ wanted me to tangibly feel his love. Being wrapped in the Fathers love tells me Im his Daughter!! Being Called a daughter is life!!!

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