Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Prayer Requests

Loving is praying. If I seek in prayer the good of my fellow creature, and then go and try to promote it, I am practically praying for his good in my actions. If I seek, as I should, God's glory above everything, then if all my actions are meant to tend to God's glory, I am continuing to pray, though I may not be praying with my thoughts or with my lips. Oh, that our whole life might be a prayer. It can be. There can be a praying without ceasing before the Lord, though there be many pauses in what the most would call prayer. Pray then without ceasing, my brothers and sisters

The only way to Jesus is through prayer. Pray with the HANM Team and Prayer warriors TONIGHT AT 9pm RIGHT HERE. Hundreds of requests will be posted and hundreds of us will be praying for them. List your requests below. See you at 9pm –


If you struggle with an addiction to drugs, alcohol or pornography, if you are cutting, have suicidal feelings, if you are being bullied, if you feel alone, helpless or hopeless… Hard as Nails Ministry would like to pray for you. If you need prayer or someone you know needs prayer. JOIN US TONIGHT at 9pm.The HANM Team and Prayer Warriors will be right here to pray for you.

Post your prayer requests--- below. They will be added our list and hundreds all over the country will pray for you.



Post your prayer requests below. Hundreds all over the country are waiting to pray for you.

Please share this post with others so they too can receive healing through prayer.






    • Sarafina Ferguson -WOW thank you guys for all your prayers for my friend Aimie, she didn’t believe in God, but now she is questioning his existence. She is slowly getting there and yesterday she asked me, "how do you become a Christian?" she’s not ready yet but God is definitely doing something in her, PRAISE GOD!!! So please continue to pray for her that she will encounter Jesus, thanks for the Prayer HANM and God bless.


      • Maria Sabene Murray shared this: I just want to pass on the miraculous news that my friend Erin who I've asked HAN to pray for (32 year old young mom with stage IV I curable breast cancer three months ago) was told yesterday that the cancer in her spine and lungs is GONE! The doctors have no explanation for the results which showed up on the PET scan! Praise God!


      • A prayer of thanks. Father, great God of mercy and love, we thank you for Justin Fatica, the current and past staff and all that have played a part in and supported Hard as Nails Ministry. As we approach our 10 year anniversary we ask, if it is Your will, Father, that we may continue to serve You by serving your children. … This we pray in the name of Your Son our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen (The HANM Team)

      • A friend was overcome by carbon monoxide. He was in very bad condition. He is 22 years old. Thank you Jesus! He now is doing well and was recently discharged from hospital. Thank HANM and all that prayed for him.


      • Krista Reits shared this: Thank you to everyone who prays every night with the HANM team. After two months without work, my dad has been offered a job and starts working Wednesday morning. Praise God, He has answered my prayers! Everything happens for a reason and everything happens on God's timing, I just need to trust. Thank you for your prayers! God bless :)



        • Elizabeth Mainardi Just to let you know, X is doing much better now & the suicidal thoughts are starting to decrease. Thank you all for your prayers!!


        The H.A.N.M. ( I-POD App) prayer requests:

        -Please pray for me… God knows why I need prayer.

        - I’m scared that I’m losing my best friend.

        -Please pray for my mom

        -Please pray for my sister in law who is in need of deep healing and conversion and is undergoing a serious spiritual oppression. Thank you very much HANM.

        - for my friend you wants to take his own life. That God will help him.

        -for my friend who is fighting brain cancer. She needs all the prayers you can give her. Thank you.

        -Please pray for me, I am battling a hard case of depression and anxiety. I’m trying to find the Lord again to help me. Thank you

        - that God shows me the correct path and direction in my life. What is best for my daughters

        - please pray that I get the job I applied for.

        - For Jo Ann that she does well in school.

        - for my mother-in-law who is fighting cancer (8 years)

        -for my husband and I who are trying to get pregnant again after a miscarriage.

        -please pray for my adoption.

        -for my whole family, and our continued unity.

        -For my good friend who is going through cutting. That she will find Jesus in her life and come to know Him.


        ***** Loving is praying. If I seek in prayer the good of my fellow creature, and then go and try to promote it, I am practically praying for his good in my actions. If I seek, as I should, God's glory above everything, then if all my actions are meant to tend to God's glory, I am continuing to pray, though I may not be praying with my thoughts or with my lips. Oh, that our whole life might be a prayer. It can be. There can be a praying without ceasing before the Lord, though there may be many pauses in what most would call prayer. Pray then without ceasing, my brothers and sisters

        - Patricia Kelliher

        Lord, With your bright and open heart forgive me for showing darkness to the light.

        Putting my back, to what is right was wrong and i have sinned against you.

        Forgive me O merciful one because i have relished my wrong and i am sorry for what i have done.

        Lord i am ready to contiue following in your footsteps. Take my from the dark.

        Hear me now O lord.

        Bob Kennedy PLZ pray for Heather, Kay, Marcheta, Kevin and Tyler. TY HANM team!!!!


         -Bob Kennedy PLZ pray for Heather, Kay, Marcheta, Kevin and Tyler. TY HANM team!!!!

        Marco Mastro Men's issues,...nuff said!

        -Could you please pray for my friends children to find peace with our relationship? We would love to be married but his children don't want someone other than their mother. She passed 4 years ago.

        - Serena Celine - My addiction to ........... and my friends thoughts of ~~~~~~~


        - David Cabrera my addiction....


        - Nicholas Patrick -Help me get through another week of school with all my test and wresting practice.


        - Mary Martin Stouffer -Please pray with us for all those affected by today's shootings at Chardon High School. Thank you.

        Tamura Caskey prayers for our troops. We lost 31 in a helicopter crash:(

        John Paul Cowlin - Praying that youth ministry at my parish grows

        Connie Erhardt Stensland -Please pray for us, we are trying to have a baby and it has been five years. And for my daughter to do her best to graduate high school.


        Chris McKee - Please pray for me as I have been battling through some serious depression and have really fallen away from my faith lately. I am hoping to get back to it this Lent but there are several issues that are all coming together at the same time to make things very difficult and depressing for me. I would probably benefit from Catholic counseling but I have no health insurance to afford it. So please pray for direction as well. Thank you for the prayers and God bless.

        Yvonne Macedo - for Soledad Mendoza, she is 36 years old and diagnosed with lung and colon cancer. Thank you.


        Lynn Kudlak - for 3 year old Emma who has an inoperable brain tumor and has been given only 6 weeks to live. I pray God gives her a miracle.


        Hannah Kirschner -Please pray for my mom. Last year, when Justin came to my school, I made a commitment for her because she has Breast Cancer. This summer, she was clear. But after her check-up yesterday, we found out that a 15 year treatment that is supposed to keep the cancer from returning isn't working. The cancer is back and so while we can put her back on chemo, we don't know what that means after that. God gave us a miracle this summer when she was healed, I pray for another this time.


        Ryan Krzykowski - for a young girl named Lauren M. She's having a lot of trouble with stuff and really needs some help. Thanks guys

        -Steve La John- for Carl Ferguson and his wife. Carl has metastasized cancer. Please pray that our Lord will have mercy on him as he prepares for his journey home to his Father.

        Nick Coombs - For luke warm Christians. May the Holy Spirit set their hearts ablaze!

        Ron Jorgensen - for ky two middle school friends who are cutting themselves. Rachael

        Michelle Ann Brumm Please pray for The Brumm and Backaus family also for the Bogowith family may that family have healing with them through God.

        Patricia Kelliher Gracious and Holy Father, give us the wisdom to discover You, the intelligence to understand You, the diligence to seek after You, the patience to wait for You, eyes to behold You,
        a heart to meditate upon You, and a life to proclaim You, through the power of the Spirit of Jesus, our Lord. Amen

        Connor Tibbs - for the family of Alexandra Rozzi. This family has gone through so much hardship and is falling apart. Please pray for this family. May the lord, master of love, conquer the power satan is using to deceive this family and bring them back to the way things use to be. This family needs a miracle. It is awful to see this family that I know and love turn out like his. Thank u all my brothers and sisters in Christ. May the lord bless u all and wrap his loving and healing arms around this family. This is there last hope. I love u all!




        Julie Workman Onuoha - pray for me to find peace and clarity in regard to relationships and my career. I need guidance. Thank you very much for your prayers, and God bless you all.


        Candice Wilcox - For those who struggle with same sex attraction that they might find peace, and know they are still loved, and can fight for the truth of love!!


        Aaron Pfoutz - for a 19 year old man Michael Proudfit who was in a car accident and has severe head trauma. Thanks


        Sara Aaker – for the family and friends of Lauren Peterson, we graduated together in 2011. She died in a car accident . Please pray for her.

        Patricia Bullock Tapia - Praying for God's strength and wisdom in our marriage.

        Jennifer Aimee -For the conversion of my Family. For a friend that just discovered that her pregnancy will come with complications to the baby. For clarity in my life



        Linda Theuerkauf Tew -I have a personal prayer request tonight. My son has ADD and because of his 15 year old hormones we are having trouble finding a medication that works for him. In the mean time he is getting into a lot of trouble at home and at school. I encourage him everyday to take control and of actions and think before he acts but he is really struggling. He is a very playful young man with a big heart and he does everything he can for anyone he can. This is very hard for him. Please pray that we can find the right medication soon. Thank you.

        Elizabeth Mainardi - for my family & friends and for an end to this political mandate. For the upcoming election, for an end to abortion, and for all those struggling with addiction & sin. Thank you!!!


        Kathleen Hill -Please pray for RJ


        Billy Santoro My mom


        Patricia Kelliher Heavenly Father, lover of all, we praise you for giving us Jesus as our Savior:
        He blessed the children who came to Him, and welcomes those who come to Him now.
        Look with love upon these children and protect them with Your love.
        May they grow in wisdom and age and strength in Your presence and in the sight of all.
        We ask this blessing, Father, through Your beloved Son, Christ our Lord. Amen.


        Elizabeth Mainardi - I want to pray for those who are afraid to post their intentions.


        Heather Shall Wargo -Please pray for me as I have been struggling with temperance and prudence of late. God Bless you!


        Patricia Kelliher - O my God, trusting in your promises and because you are faithful, powerful and merciful, I hope, through the merits of Jesus Christ, for the pardon of my sins, final perseverance and the blessed glory of heaven. Amen


        Danika Boever -pray that I don't give into temptation...


        -For those who struggle with eating disorders, including myself and many friends throughout the country who are fighting their way through recovery.

        -I need a prayer for strength and understanding. PLEASE

        -for peace in my family and freedom from addictions.


        -Can I get prayers for learning to understand the things I cannot control, and to just, live life, with me knowing everything is in Gods hands...please


        -that all those who are addicted to pornography, that they will find peace in the arms of Jesus Christ.


        -for my sister has no friends, she is hurting. Pray for her.

        -for all those who feel worthless, that we will have the courage to encourage others.


        The following are just some of the HANM Prayer Warriors praying for your requests:

        The Hard as Nails Team, Steve, Justin, Ryan, Monica, Sarah, Krista, Nick, Yvonne, Kate, Theresa, Dean, Lisa, Sandra , Jennifer, Bri, Kara, Craig, Sarafina, Candice, Lynn, Linda, Jeannie, Connie, Patricia, Lola, Erin, Robin, Julie, Carmen, Donna, Melissa, Ron, Emily, Robert, Bertha, Maria, Teri, Bruce, Paul, Bob, Elizabeth, Andrew, Patricia, Lisa, Christopher, Liz, Tracy, Shillie, Hannah, Nicolena, Maria, Juan, Mary, Connor , Ciara, Evelyn, Fernando, Brandon, Diane, Adriane, Mark, Beth, Sue, Carrie, Susi, Robin, Ed, Tanner, Kendall, John Paul …. And many more!—


        Paul Lehman For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them." Matthew 18:20… I will be praying for you all. Do not lose your faith due to your struggles… because God still believes in you..


        Mary Fatica says: I am so encouraged by the prayer community surrounding this ministry! Praise God!! I would like to ask prayers that the Lord would bless the next week and a half we will be spending as a family, that this time is fruitful for our marriage and children and that He will use it as a time of renewal so that the travels that have passed and the travels to come will not cause us to lose sight of the blessing His call is in our lives. Thank you ALL!! I am praying for all the intentions listed on the page!


        Elizabeth Mainardi says: Thanks for keeping me & my intentions in your prayers. You've motivated me to a much healthier prayer life. Thanks!! :D


        Erin Brogdon says: Thank you all so much HANM for praying! We finally found the cause of my headaches: sinus polyps!! God bless! :)

        Nicole Naporano says: Hard As Nails Ministries has helped me to believe in God's love for me. Jesus is working in ways I never could've imagined. He has given me strength to carry the crosses He gives me, knowing that He has put me where I am for a reason. Thank you HANM.


        Linda Theuerkauf Tew says:. Lord, I thank you for HANM and for the opportunity to pray for all the people who have listed their requests on this wall. I thank you for my friend Steve LaJohn who introduced me to this wonderful ministry. I know that as I read and prayed for each person's request, along with all the other prayer warriors, you were already working in the lives of those needing and requesting our prayers. You know our thoughts and prayers before we can even release them from our hearts and lips. Lord, I pray that you continue to cover Justin with your coat of armor and keep all evil away from his mission. I ask this as all things, in Jesus name. Amen.

        Bob Kennedy says: Thank you HANM for your consistent prayers for those of us who need them...we you guys!!

        Candice Wilcox says: Because of the prayer time I feel I have a purpose right now other than school; to pray for others. It makes me feel accepted and needed!!

        Kate Buan says: You are doing a very good thing here HANM. Thanks for being there :)

        Julie Workman Onuoha says: Thank you so much HANM, for your prayers for my family and me. I pray for HANM daily. Thank you for all that you do. You have helped me more than you will ever know.


        Justin Fatica says: I just want to let everyone know that since we started our Facebook prayer at 9pm a few months back our events are becoming more grace filled, our staff is becoming closer together and Jesus Christ is really empowering us like never before. Keep praying and thanks for your prayers.

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