Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Trying out marriage?

Marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman. However, for some marriage is a time when a young girls desires to spend as much money as possible for a dress, reception, and a few hours of dancing. The perhaps a fews the couples do not see eye to eye which results in divorce. Their intention may have been pure at the beginning but the world may pull them into a world of confusion. When a husband or wife goes to world a person can become lonely. They look for happiness in places such as the internet or erotic novels. As they continue to indugle the marriage suffers, and the covenant is broken. To decrease this from occuring one must be rooted in Christ. Christ can help a person stay pure for their beautiful husband. Its not easy. The world does not want others to be pure in love. They continue to preach same sex marriage is beautiful, show woman in practically no clothing and promote plural marriage. Each of these ways of life will not fullfill anyone life. They are not rooted in what is pure and beautiful.

However, to erase these thoughts from ones mind and to battle the world place God into the mix. God will turn everything pure and beautiful. God is love and beauty. We must not listen to the world. The world cannot fulfill a soul. For the world has reject the Lord. He is the road to freedom. NThing else will bring freedom peace and love but the Lord God Almighty!! For he is was, and will be forever true fulfillment. For when marriage is rooted in Christ true beauty will reign! 

Monday, May 28, 2012

TV Love???!!!

Everyone desires love, and affirmation. Our hearts want to be held in a persons hand and feel completely at peace. Unfortunately, we want to find this love instantly. Many have tried to find this love on shows such as the Bachelor, and Americas Next Top Model. For many weeks, they either are given positive comments for pictures or engage in continuous sexual activitity to find a significant other. Either activity or show are not positive avenues to find what everyone needs. You cannot find love when the relationship is based on ratings, or affirmation when its based on having a pefect body. To find love and affirmation go to Christ. Christ will always affirm you heart and tell you "You are beautifully and wonderfully made"!! He will bring you ultimate fullfillment. He will guide, if you are not called to marry him, to a husband who will love Christ above all else. When this occurs the couple can lift up the relationship to Christ, and become one in Christ.

This love may not come instantly. We become frustrated and try to find love in other places such as the listed shows. The love with come in the Lords time. We must be open to the Lord. By staying open we must continue to recieve Jesus in word and in sacrament. Our vulnerable hearts will be at peace when we recieve Christ. Christ will guide our hearts if we ask! To be open to Lord is to find your true relationship wherever that may be. We must stop looking for love in all the wrong places!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Rhythm

The rhythm of the basketball, and the Rosary. What do these have in common? The rhythm of these match the to rhythm of our heart. The repetitive beat unites our bodies to calm and relax. Without this rhythm, this beat we would be dead. We would dead to life. When our rythm becomes too rapid we may be dying inside from too much stress. To continue the calming within our hearts we must pray calming prayers. Thse common prayers are the rhythm of God. The rhythm of God is peace. A priest once asked me to meditate on the scripture, "Why are you so terrified". Like the disciples they were afraid of the rhythm of the sea. Sometimes we become afraid of the rhythm of our lives. To combat our out of rhythm lives trust in the Lord. Reach out the Lord. He will calm the sea within our hearts. Our hearts will become in union with the beat of JESUS who is the ultimate beat!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Third times a charm!

I had once heard after you do something three times it becomes a routine. Well, for me doing something three time had been difficult. For many years I would pray the Rosary or the Liturgy of the Hours sporatically. Whenever I felt the Lord I would pray. If we would accomplish anything based on how we felt we would get nothing completed. There are days that praying the Rosary is difficult. However, I know that after I pray my heart and body are more relaxed. By praying or continuing a routine we are united ourselves to the Trinity. The trinity is three in one. When doing something three times we are completing and uniting ourself to the trinity. We must do everything for the trinity. For when we do everything for the trinity we are united completely to Christ. So, if you are having trouble praying...third times will do the charm!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The way we learn

We are unique. Everyone learns in different ways. Why do we believe that when not understanding something we feel unintelligent. In these cirumstances we are trying to copy someone else. This is the biggest mistake or our lives. When our Lord create he placed his unique inprint on our lives. He created us unique and different from everyone else. This uniqueness consists of the way we look, act and learn. some of us learn through speaker, while others books. Regardless, of the way we learn this is OK. Were  not the characters in the bible OK when they were learning valuable lessons pertaining to their lives. They were OK. If it werent for the lessons of forgivness, and trust we would be lost. God ordained each individual to learn lessons in a way they would understand God, and themselves. For this reason God ordains us to learn lessons in ways he knows we will understand. To understand the uniqueness of these lessons turn to the book Abandonment to Divine Providence which teaches us to learn to listen to how God wants us to learn!! For when we turn to him and not the world we can learn how to follow him! By his word we are free!

Friday, May 11, 2012

I feel beautiful

For a long time Rosary felt boring. I felt no connection. Everytime I prayed it was very robotic. When I was a missionary I was asked to pray the rosary for a Nursing Home. It was difficult to pray but out of obedience I did what I was told. Many time over priests and amazing Catholic speakers have suggested and highly encouraged many to pray the rosary. Well, on occasion I would become inspired. However, whenever I would pray the rosary I would only do it for a few days and then fall off the ball. Many times we do not pray prayers because we do not understand. Our lack of understanding may come from insecurities with who we are as people. Because this reigned true in my heart I could never stick with praying the rosary. Fortunately, the Lord has continued to cleanse my heart of my insecurites. With this cleansing I have begun to pray the Rosary. While praying the rosary I felt deep connections and beautiful with our Lady. She does not seem me as ugly but a beautiful girl who see wants to be connected with forever. No prayer, No insecurity, No question will keep the love of Virgin Mary and Jesus from you! Continue to reach out and do no be afraid of being vulnerable!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Jesus has forgotten

The Lord forgers ours sinfulness and so shall I. Many times we dwell on our sinfulness for a variety of reasons. We many believe because we have commites such sins as abortions, drunkeness, or adultery(in the heart), we believe God will not forgive. In our minds our sinfulness is so bad that not even Jesus will look at us with love. This is absolutely false. When we look at Jesus and he accepts us as we are. He will never look on us with distain for what we have done or failed to do. The world may bring us to continue to think of our sinfulness. Lets face it sinfulness is all around and there many triggers that may remind us of our pasts thoughts and actions. The one thing we must focus on is Jesus Christ. To focus we must find time during the day to remain silence, and just listen to the Love. The love which is forgiveness. Forgiveness forgets our past and renews our hearts! Let us confess what we have failed to do, and live with Jesus in front of us, in our hearts and behind us!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


We are beloved Sons or Daughters of Christ. The world does not understand this concept. They want us to define us by how much money we have, who we know. and where we live. My heart does not want to be defined by anything of these things. Yes, these things are good. We do need to live somewhere, have money to live that place and we do need to know good people. However, there is one great who has defined us before we were born. Jesus Christ has defined us as his Daughters and sons. Sometimes our struggles, voices from others, etc tell us we are something else. We must never listen to these voices if they are not in line with the will of God. The will of God is we must listen to him and do our best to faithfully follow this voice. The world can be loud and try to drown that voice out. These voices can come through the television, classmates, or people who are close to you. For us to remain in Christ to stay defined by Christ is to be our survival in this world. We must listen and be still for when we are still the Lord speaks and tells us who we are. We are made in the image of the beautiful God. This is the truth and the truth will set us free.