Thursday, May 24, 2012

Third times a charm!

I had once heard after you do something three times it becomes a routine. Well, for me doing something three time had been difficult. For many years I would pray the Rosary or the Liturgy of the Hours sporatically. Whenever I felt the Lord I would pray. If we would accomplish anything based on how we felt we would get nothing completed. There are days that praying the Rosary is difficult. However, I know that after I pray my heart and body are more relaxed. By praying or continuing a routine we are united ourselves to the Trinity. The trinity is three in one. When doing something three times we are completing and uniting ourself to the trinity. We must do everything for the trinity. For when we do everything for the trinity we are united completely to Christ. So, if you are having trouble praying...third times will do the charm!

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