Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Rhythm

The rhythm of the basketball, and the Rosary. What do these have in common? The rhythm of these match the to rhythm of our heart. The repetitive beat unites our bodies to calm and relax. Without this rhythm, this beat we would be dead. We would dead to life. When our rythm becomes too rapid we may be dying inside from too much stress. To continue the calming within our hearts we must pray calming prayers. Thse common prayers are the rhythm of God. The rhythm of God is peace. A priest once asked me to meditate on the scripture, "Why are you so terrified". Like the disciples they were afraid of the rhythm of the sea. Sometimes we become afraid of the rhythm of our lives. To combat our out of rhythm lives trust in the Lord. Reach out the Lord. He will calm the sea within our hearts. Our hearts will become in union with the beat of JESUS who is the ultimate beat!

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