Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Trying out marriage?

Marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman. However, for some marriage is a time when a young girls desires to spend as much money as possible for a dress, reception, and a few hours of dancing. The perhaps a fews the couples do not see eye to eye which results in divorce. Their intention may have been pure at the beginning but the world may pull them into a world of confusion. When a husband or wife goes to world a person can become lonely. They look for happiness in places such as the internet or erotic novels. As they continue to indugle the marriage suffers, and the covenant is broken. To decrease this from occuring one must be rooted in Christ. Christ can help a person stay pure for their beautiful husband. Its not easy. The world does not want others to be pure in love. They continue to preach same sex marriage is beautiful, show woman in practically no clothing and promote plural marriage. Each of these ways of life will not fullfill anyone life. They are not rooted in what is pure and beautiful.

However, to erase these thoughts from ones mind and to battle the world place God into the mix. God will turn everything pure and beautiful. God is love and beauty. We must not listen to the world. The world cannot fulfill a soul. For the world has reject the Lord. He is the road to freedom. NThing else will bring freedom peace and love but the Lord God Almighty!! For he is was, and will be forever true fulfillment. For when marriage is rooted in Christ true beauty will reign! 

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