Friday, May 4, 2012

Jesus has forgotten

The Lord forgers ours sinfulness and so shall I. Many times we dwell on our sinfulness for a variety of reasons. We many believe because we have commites such sins as abortions, drunkeness, or adultery(in the heart), we believe God will not forgive. In our minds our sinfulness is so bad that not even Jesus will look at us with love. This is absolutely false. When we look at Jesus and he accepts us as we are. He will never look on us with distain for what we have done or failed to do. The world may bring us to continue to think of our sinfulness. Lets face it sinfulness is all around and there many triggers that may remind us of our pasts thoughts and actions. The one thing we must focus on is Jesus Christ. To focus we must find time during the day to remain silence, and just listen to the Love. The love which is forgiveness. Forgiveness forgets our past and renews our hearts! Let us confess what we have failed to do, and live with Jesus in front of us, in our hearts and behind us!

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