Friday, May 11, 2012

I feel beautiful

For a long time Rosary felt boring. I felt no connection. Everytime I prayed it was very robotic. When I was a missionary I was asked to pray the rosary for a Nursing Home. It was difficult to pray but out of obedience I did what I was told. Many time over priests and amazing Catholic speakers have suggested and highly encouraged many to pray the rosary. Well, on occasion I would become inspired. However, whenever I would pray the rosary I would only do it for a few days and then fall off the ball. Many times we do not pray prayers because we do not understand. Our lack of understanding may come from insecurities with who we are as people. Because this reigned true in my heart I could never stick with praying the rosary. Fortunately, the Lord has continued to cleanse my heart of my insecurites. With this cleansing I have begun to pray the Rosary. While praying the rosary I felt deep connections and beautiful with our Lady. She does not seem me as ugly but a beautiful girl who see wants to be connected with forever. No prayer, No insecurity, No question will keep the love of Virgin Mary and Jesus from you! Continue to reach out and do no be afraid of being vulnerable!

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