Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The way we learn

We are unique. Everyone learns in different ways. Why do we believe that when not understanding something we feel unintelligent. In these cirumstances we are trying to copy someone else. This is the biggest mistake or our lives. When our Lord create he placed his unique inprint on our lives. He created us unique and different from everyone else. This uniqueness consists of the way we look, act and learn. some of us learn through speaker, while others books. Regardless, of the way we learn this is OK. Were  not the characters in the bible OK when they were learning valuable lessons pertaining to their lives. They were OK. If it werent for the lessons of forgivness, and trust we would be lost. God ordained each individual to learn lessons in a way they would understand God, and themselves. For this reason God ordains us to learn lessons in ways he knows we will understand. To understand the uniqueness of these lessons turn to the book Abandonment to Divine Providence which teaches us to learn to listen to how God wants us to learn!! For when we turn to him and not the world we can learn how to follow him! By his word we are free!

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