Monday, May 28, 2012

TV Love???!!!

Everyone desires love, and affirmation. Our hearts want to be held in a persons hand and feel completely at peace. Unfortunately, we want to find this love instantly. Many have tried to find this love on shows such as the Bachelor, and Americas Next Top Model. For many weeks, they either are given positive comments for pictures or engage in continuous sexual activitity to find a significant other. Either activity or show are not positive avenues to find what everyone needs. You cannot find love when the relationship is based on ratings, or affirmation when its based on having a pefect body. To find love and affirmation go to Christ. Christ will always affirm you heart and tell you "You are beautifully and wonderfully made"!! He will bring you ultimate fullfillment. He will guide, if you are not called to marry him, to a husband who will love Christ above all else. When this occurs the couple can lift up the relationship to Christ, and become one in Christ.

This love may not come instantly. We become frustrated and try to find love in other places such as the listed shows. The love with come in the Lords time. We must be open to the Lord. By staying open we must continue to recieve Jesus in word and in sacrament. Our vulnerable hearts will be at peace when we recieve Christ. Christ will guide our hearts if we ask! To be open to Lord is to find your true relationship wherever that may be. We must stop looking for love in all the wrong places!!!

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