Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A lesson from Teen Mom

Who knew I would gain a lesson about living in the present from Teen Mom. During a therapy session for Amber, the therapist knew she was not focused in the present moment. Because of this her therapist sat down next to her and placed her hand on her stomach and said, "Be present". Many times we struggle with this idea. However, as I heard this moment I reflected on the moment.  This is what occured as I let the Lord show me what to write.

My body wants to stay present. Not become obsessed with future moments. I desire to be present. Not to sexualize each moment. The pure intimate moments. This is what I desire to experience. To stay in the moment of peace. To reveal what will give me peace. Not to obsess will be my greatest desire. Be present; to live fully in the grace of God. No obessesion can keep me from the present but my own insecurities. Im ok with myself at this moment. The moment. The touch. No over thinking in the words. Be present. You just do! Being present is a matter of faith and trust. Its about opening the heart up to the moment. Obsession becomes depleted. Peae comes and tears well up in the eyes. Be present. To continue to center oneself is the desire of the soul. No obsession will continue where the presence of God reigns in the soul. Its ok to surrrender in a pure way. To surrender to impurity brings a lack of presence only more obsession. To give presence to the soul is the greatest gift to the soul. Presence to the soul is but a calmness to the heart. To not overthink but surrender to Gods own will is the gift to your life.

The world has sexualized touch, love, and bodies for too long. We all desire hugs. We want love with worrying about extremes. A simple. light calming touch is what we need to desire. The world believes soo much is needed for intimacy. But the touch of a hand, the sitting next to a friend, a letter from a friend these are simple but beautiful moments. These are what we must desire. These moments we can hold onto for a long time. As a culture we must not worry about when these moments will come. Our hearts must continue to hold onto the moment for as long as the Lord desires. These moments of purity, and beauty will/can last in our hearts. To hold the simplicity in the heart is a great gift. To let the evilness of the world go, and live in the moment of love and grace in the Lord. To live in the present moment is to recieve God and surrender!

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  1. Thanks! Yes, hold onto the moment of being loved by Christ! Perhaps other forms will be experienced later on, but we need to stay in the present.