Thursday, December 15, 2011


Christ likes to be in the silence, and come in the silence. This silence is attainable with Christ telling the storms to quell within. He will qwell the storm if it is the will to do so. His will may feel a lonely place; a desert place. However if you and the Lord are the people in the desert; i.e. a beautiful place. As it is said in the bible, "So, I will allure her; I will lead her into the desert and speak to her heart". The child Jesus may have been quiet in the crib. In silence beautiful actions occur.

In silence the Lord hugs our hearts, knowing our lonliness,and Loves us as we are. To know this is his desire for us; to hold us. That is all we need. Our desires may stray from Christ if they are not attached to him. Some desire of our hearts may be books, television shows or relationships that are not Christ centered. The books can be Christ centered but sometimes he chooses to speak to us particularly in silence.

In Silence we will be
In silence in our love
We are to be with love
Love alone is ours
To find this love alone
There is one method
A method of Love
A method of struggle
A method not of this world
This method is silence
This method is love!!

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