Monday, December 5, 2011

The cross

We all have crosses in our life. When we understand our cross we want to run. To us the cross does not feel like something we can conquer, thus falling occurs. Because we continue to fall sometimes our faith begins to decrease. This does not help our life. With everything we feel we need faith. Many of our crosses include; having an illness, being bullied all the time, or having same sex attraction. Anything of these crosses may deplitate us and slowly get us to believe the Lord does not love us because we have a struggle. On the contrary, when we have a cross we are close to Christ. Christ's cross was not easy. He fell three times on Calvary. However, at the end after he bowed his head and died there was a ressurection. Any cross will lead to the ressurection. We just have to be obedient to the cross. Many church teachings are difficult for the world. However, we must be of Christ and not of the world. The world does not know Christ. If the cross you are given is difficult the Lord will help carry it with you. Know any struggle is not outside of Gods Love and Grace. This is not easy for me. However, if I fall due to my cross and be disobedient to the church, I run to him through the sacrament of confession, and trust he gives me a new clean heart to pursue the truth!! I am continuing to grow in the Love of Jesus with my Cross. I will be honest with my cross, and accept Christ deep love with an open heart whever that may lead. Let us embrace our cross to be connected with Christ!!

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