Monday, February 25, 2013

Giggling time

So, those who read my blog know I am not a morning person. Growing up, when my mother woke me up for school I would be grumpy, and sound like an elephant going down the stairs. Being up at 7:00 or so for school was not a happy time for me. When I started university I tried to schedule my classes for late morning or afternoon so that I could stay up as late as my body could handle, hang out with friends and eventually crash. However, lately I have been learning the Nuns, sisters and priests have it right.

Many times I have gone on retreat and they discuss living the Rythmn of the monastic life. This means that one has a balance of work and prayer in their life (ora et labora). At every convent I have gone to sister seems to just trust in the Lords rythmn for their day. Some wake up before the son, while others walk up just after the sun. I always looked forward to having  a schedule to follow so that my heart and mind could be centered on following the voice of the Lord and not when I want a snack (which will always be on my mind with whatever schedule I hold). Lately, I have become inspired through a few of Gods amazing people to start to focus my life on a rythmn. Today is the first day that Im a following a schedule of prayer, work, dinner and giggle time with my rooms( that is essential). Last night my beautiful sisters in Christ helped me to make a schedule to begin to rythmn myself to the things of the world, and to trust in the things of Christ.

This morning I woke up at around 8:00 or so to my SD voice on her mp3 player. I woke up giggling. In my giggles I was not totally grumpy and getting up but realizing that I have a Lord that desires me to wake from my sleep with Joy in him that I am called to live joyfully.

Even though my blog is really about living a rythmic this rythmic life you need giggle time!!!

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