Saturday, April 6, 2013

Never Become Complacent for Communion (Inspired by Father Dominic Foster TOR)

At the moment of our Baptism the Lord placed an indelible seal on our soul. He claimed us as His children. How precious we are to him. We are made to know, to serve, and to love him. He desires us to live our lives according to his word, and way. He, Jesus Christ, desires to pour graces on us in any way possible. He shows us himself through the breaking of the bread, through friendships, and through the sacraments.

Here at Franciscan and many other Universities many students have opportunities to obtain these ideals. Unfortunately, there are countless souls in others countries including China where they may have no friendship, and no place to practice the sacraments. In that Country for instance, a priest will be saying mass and have individuals watching out for those who want to distrupt and kill anyone who is involved in the mass. When the spies warn the priest of individuals coming a person will change into the priest clothes, give up their life for the priest, so the mass can continue to be celebrated. These individuals know the preciousness of the mass and who is in the Eucharist. They know Jesus in the Eucharist, and he is the way, truth and life. Because, in past times we have not been frightened for our lives for going to mass, we may take it for granite. Sometimes in mass we could be thinking about the next football game, what we are to eat for what we are to wear. These things can be good for the soul(recreation is important), however, they are not our true road which will lead to eternal life with the Lord Jesus.

We must not be complacent in our faith. There will be a time when we must stand up for Christ, and not be afraid of living and dying for our faith. The times may come sooner than we think when we have to stand up for the dignity of marriage or the human person to a deeper degree. We must equipt our person for battle. To equipt ourselves for battle we must entune ourselves to Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. When we partake in him we are becoming one with him and he in us.

Partake in the sacraments, YES, do it with as much reverence as you can muster. Praise Christ for the sacraments YES. As a priest once told me we should recieve Jesus as it is our first, last and only time recieving the Eucharist. WE must have this mindset while recieving Forgiveness in the sacrament of reconciliation. Go into the presence of the Lord and lay down your sins, so that you can rise again with him, in wholeness and holiness.

Lets strive to Grow deeper in our relationship with our Lord. Brothers and Sisters lets live for Christ in a deeper way which is good, pleasing and perfect, so that we can give ourselves to HIM who is Father Son and Holy Spirit!!!

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