Friday, April 5, 2013

To convert is to die to oneself but to live in Christ everlasting joy

We may kick and scream during the conversion process. As americans we like fast things. We like cars that go 80 miles an hour, food that we can order and recieve in a few minutes, and depending on where you are at in your spiritual lives spirit highs. Many individuals desire a quick fix. However, a quick fix will not help you to live a life solid in Christ. We need to let ourselves go through the conversion process. Now, I'm not saying at all it will be a process of candy canes and dandelions but it will be worth the process.

Everday were faced with struggles that we need conversion from. Conversion from lies of the world, conversion from eating too much/eating too little, or not praying enough. At any place, wherever you are you are able to be start the conversion process. It could be as simple as saying, " I surrender to your Holy Will", or "Help me to surrender to your conversion time frame and let mine be shattered". For me, I have gone through struggles to realize that conversion is a process. The many stories, or movies I have read or watched it always seemed to me that saints, and the like were always converted in around 1 or two hours time. We must realize that conversion takes time. Many, myself included desire to have a miracle where I know where the Lord wants me yesterday. The Lord may work like that in miracle cases but in most cases he desires us to grow deeper into his love and understanding on a daily basis.

All of our conversion processes start the day we are born. We may not recognize it though until many years later when we realized God was in certain places in our lives which planted seeds of insurance of his love, or a future vocation. In my life, as I am journey to go deeper with our Lord I have noticed over the course of many years he has continuously planted seeds of his wonderful love for me as Father, and shown me how he wants to shower me his daughter with gifts of deep joy and peace.

We must come to realize brothers and sister that we will be converting till the day we die. Each day we must surrender ourselves to Christ so that our conversion to occur. We can go kicking or screaming in the conversion process but that will only make the process go slower when you desire to grow closer to Christ.

When our hearts are surrendered to Christ we can draw closer to him, and our hearts can be converted to him in a deep way. When we are fully converted to him, our hope is that you may see your eternal father in heaven. For when we die our hearts will be one with him and our conversion will turn into consummation!!!

My dear Brother and sisters let us remain committed to conversion to desire to have conversion turn into consummation!!!

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