Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Lord sent me!!

The Lord sends me places to grow deeper in his love. Everywhere, Every person, Every experiences has given me a new lesson in deepening faith in humility, the depths of Gods love and forgiveness, and my future vocation. How many people have been able to experience traveling from town to town and searching for JESUS. I thank Jesus everyday for these experience. He made everything happen. He gave me what I needed. My future vocation is in the hands of God.

One thing we must never let happen is being lazy in our discernment. Discernment is an everday task. We must pray everday and continue to give Christ our best everday. The Lord will take care of your vocation. Prayers to him will help to ease is realizing its not just our decision. We have help to decipher where to go.
The Lord defintely has told me I am not called to specific places in creative ways. The No's have been good for me to grow in humility in my own will versus his own will.

 Each day we must continue to die to ourselves to learn to be humble to follow this call.  It is hard to be humble but the Lord humbled himself to die on a cross for us. That is the biggest and deepest humbling experience anyone can ever experience. To grow in that humility we must continue to serve Christ, ask for his forgiveness, and do his will and go where he goes and listen to what he asks of us.

The Place

Where is he calling me
A place to feel emotions and love
Where is this place
I will travel far and wide
To find a resting place
Will I wear a habit or pants?
Will I wear sandals or sneakers?
Whatever it may be
It will be for the Glory of God
For he says, "Follow me"
We ask "Show me, Lead me"

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