Friday, September 30, 2011

my vocation journey looks like yarn

My vocation looks like tangled yarn. Earlier tonight my mother and I were trying to unravel yarn and put it in ball form. Well this task began difficult. There were many knots in the yarn, and it took a while just to make a little ball. Sometimes in discernment it takes a while to unravel knots in our hearts, bodies, etc. However when we begin to unravel those knots we flow naturally. This takes time. Sometimes we rush and like yarn we add more knots to the mess. For this reason our discernment takes time just like unraveling yarn. Sometimes we need to slow down our discernment and let the Lord take the natural flow and not force what is not ready. I will contine to pray and to let the Lord unravel my vocation.
Tonight the Lord spoke to me in poem form:

The world is loud and boisterous
It tells us to be quick and fast paced
When we cant face up this idea
We fall, cry and crumble
We run to the Lord
He tells us to sit
We fumble around for a notebook to write
We dont want to miss a word
We grabe the notebook and the Lord goes silent

We become confused
We want the Lord to speak
To tell us the next step to take
We stop and wait and pray
The Lord speaks, "Just be"
We dont understand
This is not what we were taught

So we start to write
The Lord speaks, "Be"
We place our notebooks down
We sit and "Be"
The Lord speaks
"This is for me, just be" 

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