Saturday, October 29, 2011

The dignity of the woman

Being called Daughter of the father is beautiful. Many woman struggle with this concept. The world tells us we are to be successful by making a lot of money, and living in the most expensive house with the most posessions. however our beauty does not lie in things but lies in Christ. Speakers such as Leah Darrow and Crystallina Evert speak about this throughout the country. Through these speakers we learn we can rise from feeling broken daughters to feel like beautiful daughters. First thing we must learn and internalize is wherever we have been the Lord Jesus Christ will love us underconditionally and welcome us home; to his home; to his heart. Second, to stop watching shows such as Americas Next top Model, and Make me a supermodel. These shows tell us your bodies are the most important thing and are meant to be used. During these shows they have weigh ins, and measurement times and when a girl is over probably size 2 thats too big for the modeling industry. No one should think their body is not beautiful. Any body is beauty. God created us all in his image and likeness and for that reason alone we are beautiful. Let us pray to the Lord for him to tell us we are beautiful. :) For the next fews days I will speak about my struggle with my femininity and how I came to become closer to loving my femininity!!!!

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