Tuesday, October 18, 2011


My heart desires patience,. It does not like to wait. The Lord know this and he gives me the patience to get through my homework, and the rosary. Its hard to wait for the right time. The right time may not be in my time but I know it is in the Lords. He is preparing me for deeper intimacy with him. He has a plan for my impatience waiting. He will turn this into a deep vocation of love and compassion. My hope is with him. I will continue to pray and be his beautiful obedient daughter!!!

This is a poem that I feel encompasses my vocation
I like food so I am called to fast
I like sleep so I am called to wake at 5 AM
The computer is not pleasurable so he will take it away
My heart desires silence so this he will grant
But where is this place you call
Whatever it is I will go
Wherever it is I will go
All or Joy
All for God

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