Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Never been disappointed

My heart has been realizing that through every experience, thought, feeling the Lord has never disappointed. AT the time I may think he is not in moment and does not care. This is a thought that is not true. Many moments I have had moments that I did not like. However it was not me who deemed the moment but the Lord. The Lord knows what will happen and as long as you trust in the moment regardless of answer your heart can have calmness when the Lord is present. A song that has been dear to my heart is the song "He will carry you"

I call, You hear me
I’ve lost it all
And it’s more than I can bear
I feel so empty

You’re strong
I’m weary
I’m holdin’ on
But I feel like givin’ in
But still You’re with me

And even though I’m walkin’ through
The valley of the shadow
I will hold tight to the hand of Him
Whose love will comfort me
And when all hope is gone
And I’ve been wounded in the battle
He is all the strength that I will
Ever need
And He will carry me

I know I’m broken
But You alone
Can mend this heart of mine
You’re always with me

And even though I feel so lonely
Like I’ve never been before
You never said it would be easy
But You said you’d see me through
The storm


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