Friday, December 28, 2012

Participate dont Anticipate

To open my heart up to Christ continues to be freeing. This freedom open our hearts up to feel the Lord and His grace. For me personally feeling this freedom and grace has come when I least expected.

One evening my heart wanted to grow deeper in the Lord. My Lord led me to open hours with a priest who has deep care for the Lord and students. At around 8:30 he asked if we wanted to walk and talk. With my courage and Gods grace I went along with him. As we walked and talked my heart felt understood. It was as the Lord was walking next to and new everything even before I vocalized. Even when cars were driving by us, he didnt want me by the road in case a car became out of control. Because my heart felt placed in the arms of Jesus I let myself be open to the Love and Grace provided. When the conversation was coming to an end, my heart was slighly cracked opened to emotions of love and acceptance for the father. After absolution I became wrapped in the arms of my father in heaven. I began to fight the tears. However, my father in heaven told me to give yourself permission to cry. These words for beautiful, and so I went and hide behind a big Giant Jesus and let my heart be vulnerable before our heavenly Father.

Reflection from that night:
Oh my beautiful Glorious God to do your will is beautiful, to follow you on a journey, but to know your truth priceless. My Lord and my God it didnt matter what our sins you you show us beautiful compassion. You did not look up her with distain but love and mercy. Telling her to show herself give herself over to more energy for conversion rather than to place shame on give her permission to cry, and telling her You are Daugher of the Most High King. You told her she is changing and going through a paradigm shift, and this is beautiful. Looking into your eyes he said "Am I looking at you with less dignity is still the same for you!

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