Sunday, December 30, 2012

Showing us how to Love

The world tells us we need relationship after relationship to feel love. However, this leaves up feeling empty, and we then shame ourselves by looking for a relationship to fill the emptiness. Many call this a cycle of Shame. Many know they are in the cycle but do not understand how to reclaim a life without shame. There are many television shows out there that show same sex marriages, polygmous marriages, or one-night stands. These actions leave the person empty, and wanting more.  We must reclaim ourselves in Jesus Christ. However, when a person feeling shameful the last thing they want to do is to talk to Jesus Christ. They feel he may shame them or even worse reject them for what they done or how they feel. Thanks be to God... this is not our God. Our God will not shame you or disown you. He will give you the love that will fill the emptiness inside. It is not easy to go to the Lord and tell that we are lonely, and have been looking in all the wrong places. Yes, it is true He know how we feel. But when we give to Him we feel He will make our emotions pure and beautiful, and feel out emptiness with Joy. He can fill our hearts with the truth love that we deserve.

To give struggles to the Lord can be done through following the path St. Francis took to embrace a leper. At first he felt the Leper was vile and disgusting. With the grace of God, in time he was able to see Christ in them and embrace them as true brothers and sisters in Christ. Following this pattern we must learn to embrace what we feel is vile and disgusting within us.

For example:
I go in to prayer and I see the Lord sitting on a bench. I walk up to him and ask if its ok if we talk. He says Yes. At first I am a bit scared but I go forth and ask him questions at the bottom of my heart. His mouth opens and tells me such dear and beautiful words which touch my heart. These words touch my heart and give me love and peace which I desire!!!

Everyone can talk and embrace the Lord. Do not be afraid. He will tell you who you are in his EYES!! Regardless of what you feel, He will enter in and change your feelings, and fill the emptiness the world can never fill!!

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