Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2 simple words

Throughout the semester the Lord spoke words to my heart I have kept in the silence of my heart. The Lord continues to reiterate to me, words of love, comfort and forgiveness. He never holds any of our sinfulness against us. He forgives and pushes the erase button. So, everytime we ask for forgivness we are given a clean slate. This clean slate makes us feel happy, and peaceful inside. This peace can tried and pulled by the world. However, because we have a loving Lord we CAN walk back to His loving arms. Each time we confess our Lord gives us forgiveness and words to live by. One evening I stood waiting for my confessor. My Holy Spirt guided me to my SD. My heart was scared to confess what was at the depths of my heart. What came out of Father Shawn was the word of God. He gave me a hug and said, "Come here"!The Lord continues to call us to his presence. HE will give you your hearts desires. Just listen to the words in the depths of your heart which are two simple words: "Come here"!

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