Saturday, January 5, 2013

Walking with the Lord

He is the Lord God Almighty. He will never desert you!! He will carry you through all moments of your life. Continue to let him love you. Even when we fall he will pick us up and love us unconditionally. Many time when we have sins on our hearts we become anixous and worried about lives. By the Grace of our Heavenly Father all of our anxities will be taken away with the grace given to us at confession!! What grace and blessings we can recieve when we open our faults and failing to the Lord Jesus Christ.

As my semester continued the Lord continued to prompt me to continue to tell Him what was going on inside my heart. One sunday night around 8:00 my heart was filling anxious and wanting to talk out my struggles out with a priest who I had developed rapport. After mustering courage to discuss my struggling I went up to the door, and found it was locked. The priest noticed me, and me noticing he was with an individual I wanted until He came out. When he came out I said "Would you...". He told me there was someone before, but would talk with me. At 8:30 the door opened up. My heart jumped a beat because His hours were from 7:00-8:30 so my heart was worried He would refuse to see me. From that moment my heart felt I was talking with Jesus. He asked if I wanted to walk and talk. My heart was opened to anything. As we talked my mouth opened up with a deep struggle on my heart. Without saying much I felt my heart come out of my mouth and was felt by the Lord. He wanted to protect and care for my heart. Even when cars were coming near us He moved me on the inside away from the cars. Towards the end of the walk with my heart being open to words He said " I absolve you Candice.." As he spoke I felt seen my the Lord, my heart inside His hands and safety occured in my life. Nothing matter but that moment. We briefly embraced and tears started to flow, My heart knew I started to cry but for a moment was questioning the emotions. He spoke me to me and said,  "Give yourself permission to Cry".

My heart met the Lord that night. HE can meet you too. It doesnt matter what you say. He will embrace, and love YOU!! Go to Him with your shame, brokenness, and distress and peace will enter into your heart. No matter what happens in your Life HE WILL give you peace!! Run to him today. Pour out your soul to the God who Loves you!! Give Him your heart and HE WILL SHOW YOU HIS!!! THE LORD WILL NEVER REFUSE!!!

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